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  • Handwriting Cards - Year 1

    Handwriting Cards - Year 1

    Exclusive to Kohia and essential for any primary classroom, these handwriting cards were developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand children. These popular photocopiable handwriting cards are available in four class levels. Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and 4,...

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    Language Curriculum Design  2nd Edition

    Language Curriculum Design 2nd Edition

    10% DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTSCrystal-clear and comprehensive yet concise, this text describes the steps involved in the curriculum design process, elaborates and justifies these steps and provides opportunities for practising and applying them. The...

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    Now: $81.00
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  • Primary Comprehension Book A

    Primary Comprehension Book A

    COMPREHENSION AREAOne of 7 books designed to provide opportunities for students to read texts in a variety of genres, to answer questions at literal, inferential and applied levels and to practise a variety of selected comprehension strategies.

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  • Rhymes for Little Rascals - Ages 8-10

    Rhymes for Little Rascals - Ages 8-10

    Poems for enjoyment and performance. Rhymes for little rascals is one title in a three-book series, each containing 20 original poems written with humour, catchy rhythm and rhyme. Each anthology, with its comical punch-lines, is appealing to children and...

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  • Smart Kids: Sounds and Edit Card

    Smart Kids: Sounds and Edit Card

    The outside of each laminated card has pictures with letters or letter and word clues to assist with grapheme to phoneme conversion. On the inside is an alphabetical word list which develops independent dictionary and editing skills.

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  • Spelling Rules Directory

    Spelling Rules Directory

    This colourful, illustrated spelling aid will teach children the tips and tricks that make spelling easier. The Spelling Rules Directory introduces spelling conventions and guidelines that generalise across many words. Rules are divided into positioning,...

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  • Start Right English Workbook Yr3

    Start Right English Workbook Yr3

    This workbook covers Level Two of The New Zealand Curriculum, English. It will suit 7 year-old and 8-year old students. It covers the learning strands 'Listening, Reading and Viewing' and 'Speaking, Writing and Presenting'. There is a section covering...

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